I help my clients get the most out of their technology. I work with readily available apps, looking at process improvement or internal communication.

Working with your team side by side, I’ll configure technology, streamline processes and provide training.

I love what I do and I’m good at it.

Tools I can help you to use:

I can help you to use Trello, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Click Up, Asana, Slack, MS-Teams, Miro

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Michael Broadley

How It Started.....

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Michael Broadley


Due to an injury in my late teens I’ve always needed to work flexibly. When the pandemic began I had 12 years of experience in tools and processes which make flexible working not only possible but exceptionally productive. By 2019 I was leading a digital project for a disability charity which focussed on utilising digital collaborative tools to empower others within a workplace.

The project proved highly successful with individuals being able to work when, where and how it suited them best. With clear visible plans, productivity increased 5 fold. I also joined the board in an ex-officio role, advising on digital transformation. At the AGM, 2020 was described as the most successful year ever and more successful than the previous 10 years combined.


Hoot & Company formed to support more organisations in unlocking the full potential of their workforce, achieve unprecedented success and build enjoyable 21st century work environments.

While the popularity of such modern tools and associated management practices had been gaining momentum for a decade, 2020 was the year most organisations realised their value. It’s now clear we will never work in the same way again.

Are you interested in simple solutions to easily manage remote or flexible working?

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