Flexibility and Inclusion

Today’s major factors attracting talent, aside from pay, are a positive workplace culture, and flexibility in when, where and how people work. For an estimated 11 million people with care responsibilities or long-term health conditions, flexible working is not a highly desired job perk, it’s an essential requirement. Hence, a fundamental pillar of any inclusive organisation is the ability to offer flexible and remote work opportunities.

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Michael Broadley

How I Can Help

The key to offering this flexibility is a well-designed virtual office environment. Utilising the right tools it’s easy to track team performance and provide oversight even when working across differences in time and geography.  Since the pandemic many organisations are already paying for virtual platforms which encompass the necessary tools, including MS-Teams.

I offer a complete solution helping SME’s to find the right tools, but also working closely with your team to master their use.

I specialise in utilising simple tools which don’t require high technical expertise.  In a previous role I've also led remote teams entirely composed of people who required additional flexibility (see below).

Hoot & Company Approach:

Step 1.
Conduct a short workshop to audit your current virtual office environment and any associated management practices for flexible working.

Understanding The Virtual Enviroment
Mapping The Virtual Enviroment with Miro

Step 2.
Work with you to define a brief, identifying both the tools and associated techniques which will create most value.

Step 3.
Design a solution customised to your organisation.

This can include:

  • Configuring of simple tools to oversee remote and flexible workers.
  • Design organisational processes which integrate with new tools and can deliver highly organised remote teams.
  • Producing a communication plan, advising on the best channels and methods to use. Outlining how teams can communicate updates and key decisions easily, even working different hours.
  • Helping to create a written knowledgebase of best practice.
Map of Custom Solution for Increased Visibility

Step 4.
Work alongside employees to implement and refine a best practice approach.
This may include configuring new tools, supporting team meetings, assisting with policy creation and providing training.

Step 5.
Offer support and advice as required.

The ability to easily communicate plans and monitor progress in real time is an essential component of flexible working, but it can also transform an organisation. Greater visibility opens the door to a more collaborative, profitable and less stressful work environment.

Michael Broadley Profile
Michael Broadley

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