Maximise Investment in MS‑Teams

MS-Teams is a unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) platform.  The technology was designed to provide seamless communication across a geographically dispersed workforce.

However, it’s capable of much more than video calls and messaging. UC&C tools can improve visibility across organisations, break down silos and facilitate a highly connected and organised workforce. Apps linked to MS-Teams can offer visual displays, live project updates, key performance metrics, time saving automation and a framework for innovation and growth.

Greater visibility provides the oversight for managers to feel secure in evolving from a centralised command and control leadership style, to one that supports people to find smarter ways to work and trusts them to get the job done. At the same time everyone can see the impact of their work within the organisation, which empowers teams to continuously improve.

In short, benefits include:

  • Managing projects more easily
  • Large increases in productivity
  • Unlocking creativity of staff and improved employee engagement
  • Easily manage flexible working
  • Faster and smarter innovation

However, anyone who Googles successful MS-Teams implementation will find information on configuring governance and compliance, data migration and a list of Apps to consider.

To build a more profitable, innovative and enjoyable workplace requires modernisation of management processes.  Recreating twentieth-century working practices in a digital world doesn’t work. Managing work digitally is its own unique domain.

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Michael Broadley

How I Can Help

Working alongside your teams, I’ll show you how to creatively use a variety of Apps to save time and improve performance.  Once we have identified the best practice approach for your organisation, we can produce an accessible written knowledge base.

To learn more about how to maximise your investment in MS-Teams you may be interested to read these articles on Making Work Visible, Flexibility and Inclusion, and this article on a Building a High Performance Environment with MS-Teams.

I’m also able to audit an existing MS-Teams setup and provide quick tips and advice.

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Teams has apps to easily communicate plans and monitor progress in real time.
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Using MS-Teams for greater visibility and information sharing can open the door to a more collaborative, profitable and less stressful work environment.

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Michael Broadley Profile
Michael Broadley