Visibility and Insight

Spending less time together in the office can make managing and organising work more challenging.  In recent years there has been an explosion of tools available to manage and organise work.  However, getting the right tools for your organisation is only part of the puzzle.  How organisations use these tools makes all the difference.

For more information on task management tools and best practice implementation, you may wish to read this article.
"Making Work Visible."

Benefits include:

  • 24 hour task tracking
  • Simple digital displays
  • Productivity metrics
  • Automatic flagging of late tasks
  • Group communication by project or task
  • Integration with email and other apps
  • Clear communication of priorities

Armed with greater visibility, one can easily analyse where efforts are best placed. It's not unusual for teams to produce twice as much valuable work as before. In one case I've seen a five fold increase in productivity.

Michael Broadley Profile
Michael Broadley

How I Can Help

I offer a complete solution helping you to find the right tools, but also working closely with your team to master their use.

I specialise in utilising simple tools which don’t require high technical expertise. If your organisation requires advanced planning and data processes tools, then I’ll always be honest and direct you towards a suitable provider.

Hoot & Company Approach:

Step 1.
Conduct a short workshop to map how you currently create, communicate, monitor and amend plans.

Mapping The PM Process
Using Miro to Map the Current Process

Step 2.
Work with you to define a brief, identifying both the tools and associated techniques which will create most value.

Step 3.
Design a solution customised to your organisation.
This can include:

  • Configuring of simple project management tools,
  • Designing of accompanying integrated practices so that the use of new tools becomes routine,
  • Helping to create a central repository for project information and documentation,
  • Producing a communication plan, outlining how updates and key decisions can be shared and the best channels to use.
Map of Custom Solution for Increased Visibility

Step 4.
Work alongside employees to implement and refine a best practice approach.
This may include configuring new tools, assisting with policy creation and providing training.

Step 5.
Offer support and advice as required.

The ability to easily communicate plans and monitor progress in real time can transform an organisation. Greater visibility opens the door to a more collaborative, profitable and less stressful work environment.

Michael Broadley Profile
Michael Broadley

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