Visibility and Insight

Spending less time together in the office can make managing and organising work more challenging. Without excellent visibility you may feel disconnected from others. It can be hard to see your work in a wider context which impairs decision making.

By improving visibility of your workflow it’s easier for everyone to pull in the same direction.   Managers have better oversight, and everyone can identify potential problems quickly.  Key tasks are much less likely to be forgotten. Conversations are easier to follow and information easier to find.

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Greater Visability in Practice:

It's not always clear what greater visibility actually means when working digitally.
Here are some examples:

  • Knowing who’s doing what, and by when
  • Seeing how work contributes towards key metrics
  • Knowing where work is delayed or bottlenecked
  • Seeing how you can help colleagues
  • Receiving help when your work is impeded
  • Seeing risks in new plans and getting feedback fast
  • Better prioritisation and planning

The ability to easily communicate plans and monitor progress in real time can transform an organisation. Greater visibility opens the door to a more collaborative, profitable and less stressful work environment.

A Trello board
Tools range in sophistication, but even simple apps such as Trello (above) can show impeded work activities, priorities and assignees.
Example Power BI Dashboard
Example Power BI Dashboard


Armed with greater visibility, you can easily analyse where efforts are best placed. Teams can adapt quickly and respond with greater insight and awareness. It's possible for teams to produce twice as much valuable work as before. In one case I've seen a five fold increase in productivity over 12 months. This success was achieved by reprioritising work, streaming processes and allowing team members to assign work differently. None of these improvements would have been possible without greater operational awareness.

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The key components of a highly visible work environment are:

  • Optimised task management tools and workflow visualisations
  • Automated KPI dashboards and business intelligence reports
  • A clear workspace structure providing access to key files and conversations
  • Straightforward working practices aligned to your chosen technology

Better visibility directly leads to a more autonomous and transparent work environment. Employees know their responsibilities and feel accountable. It also helps teams cut down on excessive meetings and focus on core work.

Hoot Vision Cartoon

How I Can Help

  • Deploy/Optimise Task Management Tools
  • Build KPI Dashboards
  • Help Organise the Digital Workspace
  • Support the Development of New Digital Working Practices
  • Identify new tools and processes to improve visibility and collaboration


Workshop Diagram of a Digital Workspace
Before optimising your digital space, first visualise your digital environment as a physical space with rooms, tables, whiteboards, and filing cabinets.
Michael Broadley Profile
Michael Broadley

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An Example Approach:

Step 1.
Conduct a short workshop to map current tools and working practices

Mapping The PM Process
Using Miro to Map the Current Process

Step 2.
Work with you to define a brief, identifying both the tools and associated techniques which will create most value.

Step 3.
Design a solution customised to your organisation.
This can include:

  • Configuring of simple task management tools,
  • Designing accompanying practices and processes
  • Helping to create a team guide or knowledge base,
  • Creating automated reports and interactive dashboards
  • Integrating tools into your workspace
  • Workspace redesign
Map of Custom Solution for Increased Visibility

Step 4.
Work alongside employees to implement and refine a best practice approach.
This may include configuring new tools, assisting with policy creation and providing training.

Step 5.
Offer support and advice as required.

Michael Broadley Profile
Michael Broadley

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